Heeyyyyyy!!! So I knew Leanzas Junk deserved a blog to keep the culture ALIVE! What better way to do so with my original beloved Duhfaceoffashion! Now my people can really get a feel of how I’ve gotten into fashion as part of a career and who LEANZA REALLY IS!! I plan on basically updating any new stuff that is going on with Leanzas Junk and hey, what is going on with me as well! I have so many cool blog posts on fashion tips, fashion photography and all that good stuff just for YOU! Are you excited cause I’m going bananas! Lol Wellll where to start… OOooo I should most def share a meet me video that is on my boutiques site ( http://www.leanzasjunk.com)!

P.S.My hair has totally changed, I’ll be sharing a video soon! ūüėČ






I also have a really cool raffle contest going on for a free dress!!!! Shipping for free to any U.S. GROUND is also included… sooooo what are you waiting for?? Oh yeah the link!! lol Simply click on the link, do a suuuper quick sign up as my subscriber¬† (name, email, you know!) and your automatically entered! The Contest was suppose to end on the 23rd of September, 2013, but with the success of my entries so far, I knew it was best to extend the date juuusttt in case I missed someone!¬† I’m choosing 3 winners, Guys can enter too! I’ll have something besides a dress of cooourse! Even if you don’t “win”, you still win with 10% OFF on any size new purchase with leanzasjunk.com Stellar right? riiighttt lol Here’s the Link!!! ————>>>>>>>¬†¬† http://eepurl.com/DKUQL¬† or http://www.leanzasjunk.com/free-giveaway/




So yeah share this info with your friends so they don’t miss out!! I’m very sure they’ll appreciate the opportunity! =]

Besides that folks, some really cool changes and improvements will be happening with the site!! I’ve got some cool fashion photography editorials coming soon (will share some of those behind the scenes for sure, on one of my next post!!!) A mens section!!! Yes I said it!! I had Unisex going before, but guys were to afraid to shop that section!! Could be cause they felt like they were buying womens clothes!!! lol So I have some cool plans for that and sooo much more I just don’t want to share with you yetttt!! It’s a surprise, soo stay tuned!!!!





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Hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!

Last time we’ve connected, we’ve been talking about the new exclusive boutique I will be launching!!!!! Very much in effect and blooming!!!! Yayyy! I know, I seriously have goose bumps! lol Working in fashion retail currently, I am¬†fascinated with the environment and experience that I’ve shared with my customers and my hungry fashion freaks! Aaahh, It’s love! I’ve been known to be claimed as the fashion super hero!! (okay, I’ve claimed that lol) Seriously warms my heart EVERY time to connect with my people and connect them with their long lost love (Garments)! LOL Clothes really aren’t just clothes to me.. their actually paintings, an extension of our souls and¬†character, we are the canvas and we are free to make the art! WOW, freaking amazing right?? Lol

Well anywho, LATEST UPDATE!? 

Inventory officially starts NEXT month!! I’ve changed some things around! I’ve stumbled upon the topic while reading this book, “Fashion Victim” by Michelle Lee, and in there I found out the billion TONS of clothing that are seriously buried under our grounds to sit for thousands of years to come! I seriously started tearing up, it’s really¬†a shame, when we have so many options from donating, recycling, renewing, re-using fabrics and etc. I’m most def am not a genius on this topic, but I’m learning more everyday, and I’ve made it my mission to hunt for these garments, and save their souls! I’ve noticed eco-friendly fashion tend to be on the rather….ugly side. Here I am to make that change, taking those steps towards providing one of kind, quality fashion clothing for my consumers lifestyle and saving the world at the same time! LOVE!¬†

I’m oooober excited!!!!!¬†

Now.. next update! YESSSSS! I got a nameeeeeee, Leanza’s Junk!!! whoo hoooooooooooooooo!

Quick, easy to remember (hopefully!!!) and catchy lol


Yes, I can see Leanza’s Junk¬†evolving along the years and all I can do is just keep going and praying! I owe it all to those critical factors!


Alrighty folks! Enough for today, until next time!!! who knows, you may get a sneak peak first at inventory!! STAY TUNED ūüėČ



Double P.S… here are a couple Out of the the days I didn’t get to share in time!!! ENJOOOYYY!¬†





EXCLUSIVE vintage boutique COMING SOON!

Hello dear people!!! Happy Holidays and I hope all is well!!!

I have¬†intensely been researching and building my business plan this month for my future vintage boutique! With my eye and vision, and my passionate desire to servicing customers in the name of fashion, IT IS ONLY RIGHT!! I’ve made it official to launch my company in May 2013!! I’m¬†definitely starting off small and letting it evolve from there, all while still exceeding expectations!! My goal is to really engage with my customers and provide the exclusive vintage wear, and retro wear for the hottest trendsetters and inspiring all over the globe, inspired by yours truly..ME! =)

My online store will be catered to expressive hipsters/fashionistas from ages 15-25! Other ages are always welcomed as well!! Although the clothes will be catered to women, I will have plenty of unisex treasures for the men out there who want to also own the exclusive merchandise I will carry!


From hunting city to city for top notch unique wear, hand making accessories and setting up mind-boggling fashion photoshoots, preparing will be a real hoot!!! Of course I will keep you all updated with my progress!!

Now for the name!!! I most¬†definitely have the name, but I’m saving that juicy info for another random time!!¬† lol


Besides that… That’s about it… if you have any idea who’d be a great company to¬†receive business/retail supplies¬†from, don’t hesitate to drop that info below!!!



Thank you!!


Pink Boots and a Payphone/Quitting Photography???

Hello hello hellooooo!!! How are you guys!!?

I have a couple awesome updates for you guys!!!!

Well first is first….. Photography…. Lately I seriously felt like I was losing my passion!! Can you believe it!??? But I had a hard look within myself and I realized it wasn’t fashion photography itself, it was just the business side to it! As an¬†entrepreneur reflecting on my personal goals, I didn’t get the fulfillment I needed¬†as a professional photographer. Yes I will always practice photography, but I believe entering fashion photography was my calling onto something BIGGER and besides I can most def use my photography skills and talent and add them to my store boutique!!!! ;D


I’m now researching and studying how to launch my own vintage online boutique!!! YES I said it!! I’m¬†definitely not in a rush here! I want to be sure before I start selling, I understand who I’m selling to and what resources are available to me!!! =)


I know I have what it takes to evolve this future company and share the true art in clothing with my fellow fashionistas around the world!!  Whoo hoooo!!  I definitely will keep you guys updated on my progress!

In the meanwhile… omg I haven’t done this in foreveeerrrrrrr!!


Leanza’s Outfit of the dayyyyy!!!! Photography by Sandra Clerizer

Hope you enjoy! =D


leanza blog pix





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Miami Beach Welcomes Wilhelmina Models!

Hey there! I’ve been wrapped up since one of my last shoots right before turkey day! (Happy Belated Thanksgiving BTW! ūüėČ ) But I couldn’t forget to share the update! I was thankfully able to work with a couple wonderful models from Wilhelmina Models! ‚̧ It was kind of last minute since the models Julia and Christine, flew right in, and were flying right out, but it was a whiz of course! I fell in love with their look! The moment of the shoot, I knew working with models was truly a calling for me! I enjoy communicating with, sharing and directing models to find the shot and improve their skills, taking full advantage of their beauty, with the help of a wonderful strong team as well!! The shot is the¬†character¬†and attitude through the models body language, owning the mood of the story. I can tell helping models build their books is my thing! Well, duh! Especially since I do plan on owning my superb¬†modeling agency one day! =)


I can say I am so thankful for the growth and opportunities! I appreciate everyone who are a part of my journey! The negativity that comes along has to be dealt with PATIENCE and FAITH! I feel everyone chasing a dream must be realistic with¬†their self!! If you truly have the skills and talent, the passion and attitude, there’s really no stopping you, just have to keep practicing and wait.. =)¬†

I always do this, I just had to share with you!! lol Now back to the point!


Here are some of my FAVE shots from the shoot! Check out MORE on my FAN page on Facebook with an easy click!! Portraits By Leanza


P.S. Big shout outs and thanks to Make Up Artists J.C. and Matthew from ELIZA COSMETIC! As you can see they were awesome!! =)

Fashion Designer Fashion Risks! THANK YOU! Her prints are extraordinaire!


Model Julie!! Love her, such a doll and a quick learner!! =)


Model Christine! She had a unique burst of energy throughout! Her festive look and smile was killer! =D


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Hunch Back Habit!! NO!

Today I was with an awesome friend of mine, Samantha, and we spoke upon many things! Always inspiring one another in many ways! It’s quite lovely! Today I was sharing tips that¬†signify health, beauty¬†and confidence through the body… Standing/sitting up straight and holding in your core, all involving a good flow of breathing! This is an important base for YOU! This not only relaxes the body and rewards you with confidence in your body language, but also actually helps relax the mind! Plus you AUTOMATICALLY improve your look, period!

I simply started off telling her it’s important to inhale deeply and as you exhale, hold your lower¬†abdominal (belly)! Hold this as long you can and breath normally as you squeeze as tight as you physically can,¬†without passing out (which takes alot!!). lol This really helps your inner ab muscles WORK! Resulting in a tighter stomach quick! If you constantly perform this type of practice, give it a month and you’ll notice a difference! I do this always! Trust, you can do this undercover where ever you’re at! School desk, office, walking, playing soccer, cooking or watching t.v and it goes onnn!!! Of course it’s important to eat in moderation and remain active in many ways as possible to prevent too much fat gain, but as humans that should be a common sense of living!

Model Shalisa! One of my previous models I’ve worked with! Not ownership of photo! =)

  • Now on that note.. (Kind of off topic but essential to share) We were speaking about how we should savor our foods that we eat! Take the time out in the nourishment process, and enjoy the taste of the food it offers our senses and dwell in it! This moment is just as intimate as a mother feeding her baby! Plus we suddenly become less tempted to over eat just to reach the enjoyment of eating. Remember please, food is made to provide our bodies energy! Once our stomachs are full, that extra food is just going to turn into FAT! Now is that necessary?? So save some for later and/or share!!! ‚̧ We must love our selves and savor our moments in our lives, PERIOD! =)

Plus it’s easier on our stomachs to chew¬†thoroughly¬†anyway!

Now back to posture! Standing/sitting up straight is essential for our backs! It really helps decrease less stress on our spines and uplift our moods! Really! Just try it! The best way to do this I suggest, is to simply roll your shoulders back till you feel your chest is slightly out, shoulders are rested and your chin raises a bit higher!

Now there! Don’t you FEEL much better!??¬†Well, maybe if you’re not so used to this, you may feel a bit¬†awkward, but its okay~! Just relax as you practice to keep your shoulders rolled back! Not only you’ll breath deeper (which is better), but if you look in the mirror to your side, your stomach is flatter, back straight and posed, and the¬†butt¬†appears rounder (which is good!), you look healthy!!! IDK about you, but¬†there’s nothing wrong with that in my book! ūüėČ

If you ever catch yourself drawing back to the “hunch back habit” while you’re sitting, I always say you might as well just sit all the way back, so your back is forced straight and you’re still relaxed! If you can’t do that, just make sure you’re rolling your shoulders and you’ll be back in place, just don’t over do it! LOL Trust me, when you keep practicing, it’ll become second nature in no time! =D

Hope you enjoyed!

(I do  not own/claim any of these images!)

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Peace and love!

Here they are!! Elite Photoshoot!!

Hey! Hey Heeey!! My lovely folks!! I have the final results from the shoot the other day and I want to share with you some of my top faves! It was simply amazing watching her grow and tell her story before my eyes! With me having the growing skills and talent to direct and capture her was simply SCINTILLATING!! So let’s cut to the chase and share some of the results and cross our fingers that the booker loves the photos of this budding model Nina Salci at Elite Model Management. Thank You to Make Up Artist Kristy Colon Andres!!! Shout Out to her and visit her Fan page on facebook!! =)

Hope you enjoyed!! If you want to see more of this exclusive shoot visit my fan page Portraits By Leanza¬†and please like my page either to your right ——>>>>> or when you visit my page!! Thank you!!! ‚̧

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