Trying too hard for the love of Fashion??

Trying too hard is when your trying to portray a style that you are not. Simple as that. There are no limits in fashion (Apparently Lady Gaga knows this). But it all goes down to the nitty gritty of what your own balance is. What exactly is that balance? A true fashionista  doesn’t play it too safe (booooring), but she knows when she’s trying to be like someone else… No one says you can’t have a fashion idol of course (riri and amber rose  =]]]) but it’s how YOU display the pieces you wear, what statement your making in the eye of the public and how you feel that moment… My motto is YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD… Next time you put your outfit together, take that final look in the mirror.. are there a couple of pieces distracting your statement? (be honest!) I know, I know, that necklace looks oh so fierce and you’re dying to wear it TODAY, but if it looks like your outfit has too many themes going on and it’s not sticking to the point… YOUR DOING TOO MUCH! so either find an outfit that compliments that FAVE necklace OR just take it off… You’ll be surprised what one or two subtractions can make… remember ladies and gents.. LESS IS MORE… NOW what do you think? did I find my balance or do you get the feel I was trying way too hard? 😉