Let’s face it.. there are plenty budding fashionistas out there that would love to have glitz and glam…or at least look the part! Unfortunately they don’t have the hundreds and hundreds of dollars to shop at the biggest malls, the fliest boutiques, or even a personal stylist to hook them up. Well, well, well… you’ve come to the RIGHT place, cause this fashionista KNOWS  money really doesn’t buy you style anyway.. so there’s always a way around that with the endless options the fashion world creates for us! What are they?? Well first you need to know the basic rules:

  1. You MUST have an eye for those sales and clearance rack
  2. You must be open to thrift and vintage stores
  3. You must be open to your mothers or even great grandmamma sue’s closet
  4. You must be open to YOUR own closet… even the back far corner you dump all the old crap you got saving for the yard sale 🙂

Okayy so you’ve noticed i said nothing about Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren or even ZARA (Although they are hot lol), The whole point is to show you how easy it really is to fool the naked eye like your really balling! lol These resources like the thrift store or your own closet is the best because you can almost guarantee no one else will have it on. The whole focus for picking out your pieces for that “expensive look” is not really the brands at this point… but the quality of the material! Does the material feel nice? Does the color appear radiant or dull? Pay attention to how it’s sewn… does it look like it’s already falling apart?? Are those buttons and bedazzles seem like they were glued on in 2 seconds with traces of glue?? NEXT, PLEASE! It’s all really QUALITY  over QUANTITY in this quest for your eye pleasing outfit. You’d be really surprise on the EXCLUSIVE finds you’ll get at thrift stores and whatnot… Especially with dirt cheap prices with the hottest brands, and plenty of those clothes are new or barely touched! Idk about you, but sometimes you just gotta suck up your pride and realize it’s all for the love of fashion.. The secret is just having a really good eye (but that’ll be in another post ;)) If you strictly decide to step into your moms closet or take a really sharp look at your own, you’d be surprise what you’ll find (if you don’t want to spend AT ALL)…. Vintage is always original and on point, so don’t be afraid to pick up that blazer that hasn’t been worn since the 80’s! Here’s a couple of pointers to know that your on your way to a swagged out “BALLING” outfit!

  • As long as the clothes are flattering on your body… your on your way..
  • If you have at least one “valuable” piece…( it could be a necklace, the gorgeous purse that took you years to save for) your on your way..
  • You have a statement piece (the backbone of your outfit).. your on your way..
  • Your clothes are clean and freshly ironed 🙂 your on your way…

Surprise, surprise… I wanted this post to be a 2 for 1 SPECIAL! I’ve got some cool OUTFIT OF THE DAY PICS, personally using the exact pointers I gave out in this post, for my own example of a “Balling outfit without really being a Baller”…and let me tell you, this outfit includes pieces from thrift stores, clearance items and a mommy that let me raid her closet! haha  CHECK EM OUT

Rock your outfit, without rocking your wallet!

LESSON OF THE DAY!? WHO CARES WHAT THE PRICE TAG SAYS OR WHERE THAT FAB SKIRT CAME FROM… at the end of the day, money can’t buy you style.. 😉

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂