Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂


Fashion is a movement, style is a statement. Do  you feel your not expressing the statement you want to make through your outfits? Are you not sure of your own style? Have you found yourself going through an abundance of styles without really feeling like its you?? Okay well the good news is fashion is constantly evolving.. but the bad news.. you need to be able to know and feel great about your signature look. We all need to be able to have a style that is pleasing, comfy, unique and most importantly screams this is me and I’m fabulous! I’ve personally gone through the fashion journey in finding myself through my clothes and how I choose to present myself, and now I can for sure share some awesome tips that will help you get there as well!

  1. Finding out who you are!
  • Since fashion is an expression, It’s up to you to understand what you like, what makes you happy, what your into, your goals, your attitude.. Basically what makes you, YOU!

2. Your lifestyle

  • Examining your daily activities, where you spend most of your time can determine things like if heels can become your everyday wear (if you can walk in them), If a sporty theme would suit you best, if your constantly traveling through jungles and deserts (hey, a fashionista can be fierce anywhere!) but you get my drift.. Although, don’t mistake this for not having a wardrobe that is well evolved for any occasion.

3.  Your Body type

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, not everyone is meant to be built the same, and we may be a bit heavier than others not be able to wear that same crop top like smaller body types, and maybe threre’s not enough meat to fill in that pencil skirt like you would like.. but guess what we all have to appreciate what we have and either decide to make healthy improvements or just Work with what you got!

P.S. DO NOT be afraid of prints! Not only are they fun and trendy, but can definitly help hide your not so best assets or boost your best! How?? well lets just save that for another post… ^_-

  • Wear pieces that complement your best asset that you’re most proud of! If you have lovely legs, your signature pieces could be shorts, skirts, and jeggings. If you love your back, or have slick  abs, you can wear tops that have cuts and opens that can subtly compliment these assets.. The most important thing here is understanding balance and whats too much, as in wearing something that shows off skin like a crop top and pairing it with bottoms that cover at least most of your legs..Be careful with what expression you’re giving out if you choose to show off, the goal is sexy, not “slutty”..
  • If you’re not into showing off skin for whatever the reason is.. but you still admire that crop top, you can wear a comfy cami underneath.. if that’s too safe for you.. you can try getting that cami in a bold color and/or print that may fit the theme of your outfit… Another bet if you like shorts but aren’t to comfortable with your legs or because of religious reasons, no problem, pair those awesome shorts with leggings or tights, it’ll add contrast and spunk!

  • For the guys wearing super baggy clothes, this isn’t the way to go, oh no nooo! Find clothes that fit! Find pants or jeans that are long enough to rest nicely on your shoes without having to see your butt!
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP IS PLEASE Do not worry about what the size tag says, your priority here is to find clothes that fit YOU and flatters YOU! Its makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE when your really a large and you’re wearing a small because you’re in denial. It’s going to look messy, out-of-place, too tight and basically seem like you’re wearing your younger siblings clothes that got passed to you and you didn’t notice 😦 So to avoid this, your mentality should be, I need to choose clothes that look good on ME… No one needs to know your size (cut off the tags if you have too, I won’t tell!) Whenever you try on clothes in dressings rooms, trying going a size up and compare what you usually get and be honest with the look that looks best on you!
….Catch my drift??


4. Who inspires you??

  • We’re all here for the same reason, seeking originality, but it’s perfectly fine  to observe a fashion idol or icon who really does inspire you. Just remember their an inspiration, not your clone, so go ahead and admire an outfit you found oh so nice, but concentrate more on how you can make it your own. Flip through magazines, do some research on trends, ask questions like what could I have done here that she/he didn’t achieve? or what color of that version blazer could look awesome on my skin tone or/and fit my theme.
  • Use your inspirations as guides! Does their outfits fit their personalities? Now this won’t work as easy if you don’t know too much about them personally, but celebrities for example, it would be best to observe their style when they’re not off doing a show and whatnot, but rather when their caught just going out into town on their own time. Now how can you relate with how they like to put their ensemble together?  Now that your done with your research…..
  • STEP OUT!!!  Hit the malls, thrift stores, boutiques, online or step in your own (or others..with permission ;] ) closet and check out what works with you, what you can transform, what speaks to you and what satisfies the theme story of your outfit without losing your balance and yourself!!


  • At the end of the day, as long as you’ve kept your self respect, be bold, step out the box, dare to be different!! Add a little or BIG twist to any of your outfits.. especially when your trying something new, or a even whole new wardrobe, it can be a bit intimidating for plenty of reasons, but don’t let that stop you, JUST DO IT! How can you truly live without taking that first step?? Where would our fashionistas be if they were constantly afraid of what people would think? What would fashion be if we weren’t able to learn from stepping out of  our comfort zones? Exactly!

At the end of the day the best outfit you can wear with that spectacular fashion statement is confindence.. the goal is becoming a trendsetter, show the world something classic, new and YOU!



Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂