Is this you???

Tis’ the season to travel! Packing can be oh so bittersweet.. Have you ever felt  packing light may be the goal set for your self, but then you ponder, how can I still be fashionable if that was the case?? Most feel like taking their whole closet is the goal (I wish lol), but that’s where we will always go wrong! It can be a struggle and a DRAG to have such heavy bag(s), then arrive home to know you didn’t wear half or more of the crap you brought along!  I’ll share some tips with you today that has helped me, and can now help you! As long as you follow these rules, you can go away for nearly a month and survive with one suitcase/duffle bag, STUNTING!… well hopefully!! 🙂


  1. ERASE from your mind that an outfit (or two) a day is the way to go!  
  • Most definitely NOT! Before you pack, have a plan, MIX AND MATCH your clothing! Have a maximum of 5-7 days worth of clothes, that you can re-arrange and have nicely coordinated with each other
Your probably thinking, how in the world is that going to work.. I’m leaving for more than two weeks! Well wash your clothes weekly (Most hotels have them,  and if anything hand wash them in the sink if you have too!) Okay well what if people see me wearing the same clothes?? How! when A) your mixing and matching anyway…. and you’ll be seeing new people almost daily! and B) You might end up doing some shopping anyway.  If you know for sure you’ll be shopping, then packing even less clothes is a wiser choice.. so there you go, you’ll still gain even more versatility in the long run! (If  this shopping isn’t a guarantee though, just be sure you leave some extra space , so you’ll have just enough room in your bag for the new stuff!
  •  A helpful tip is having more tops than bottoms, like that one skirt that can work with at least three tops out of 7 you decide to bring along and so on.. (For more details, I’ll definitely have a post up on the art of mixing and matching soon!)
  • Choose your best combination of clothes you feel the most confident in. This isn’t the time to bring that leotard you haven’t had the chance to ever wear (and end up finding out it’s an epic fail, what a waste of space!)
  • Avoid jeans… if you can! Their just too bulky when aiming to pack light! If you MUST (for weather purposes), opt for just one or maybe two! Other wise aim for lightweight fabrics!
  • Stick to leaving your valuable jewelry home, we wouldn’t want to risk losing them, or worse… theft! Bring your best fashion jewelry, not the whole box stash, 🙂 but a max of 1 or 2, of one of each, like a necklace…bracelet.. or a scarf for example… the trick is they must be able to coordinate with all your outfits you decide to choose!
      2. Mix and match your shoes as well!!
  • Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes you decide you want to take along, and a max of three pairs of your most versatile, stylish shoes. And just one comfy pair of shoes, that carries the most versatile look, (especially if you’ll be walking a lot, or just something for lounging, like flip flops)
     3. PLAN AHEAD!
  • Most people don’t like to pack (who does??) but you’ll save so much more time and headaches if you get too it as early as possible, because when we pack last-minute we tend to just throw anything in there or be left distorted on deciding what stays or goes.. at least in the calmness of the moment and with a plan, you’ll be able to point what really is necessary!
     4. When you pack, don’t think of what you MIGHT need, but      instead what you can do without!
  • If  where your going for example, tends to act bi-polar, its cold one day, and blazing hot the next (Florida.. lol), no need to bring that heavy pea coat! That’s why a nice size variety of tops you can layer would be the best bet.. if anything you can put some on or take some off for best fit! And if you do need to run and get a big emergency coat, better you come back home with it, then to have to lug it around the whole time not needing it.

  • (BONUS TIP!!)The less toiletries the better, why? It pushes for more space and all you really need are the travel sizes anyway, especially traveling on planes, and those are easily found anywhere! Stick to packing your special face washes, medicines and any real exclusive products that you need… It’d be best if you can just pour enough in those empty travel size containers!
  • If its like a carry on size, it’s impossible to pack way too much clothes and such. Plus, you’ll be able to roam more freely and comfortably (especially if you aren’t traveling to just one destination at a time).
      6. Stop thinking your going to be invited to a ball and start trying to stuff this big pouffy dress or bulky tux in your bag! 
  • If you’re not sure of any big events that you may get invited to when you’re at your destination, just make sure in your mix and matching combo, you have a dress shirt and some slacks for example, that can both be easily dressed up , and dressed down!
Bonus tips!!!
  • I personally love bringing tons of undergarments, even when I know they can be washed… My rule is for every week, bring two weeks worth! I just fold them up as tiny as possible, and stuff ’em to the side or between my folded up clothes… But how many you bring is totally up to your personal reference, but I RECOMMEND at least 1 week worth without jeopardizing room in your bag.
  • Don’t bother bring exercise clothes.When we’re off all day touring and/or partying.. the last thing we think about.. or at all, is working out… And with all that excessive walking and exploring, your already giving yourself a great workout AND saving SPACE in your bag!!
  • BE SURE to carefully fold your clothes, then neatly roll them up to save them from wrinkles, and also expanding even more room in your bag/luggage.
I hope these rules and tips help you out as much as they did for me! Traveling can be a bit stressful as it is, and when honey, when you have stlye, we tend to OVER do it!! lol Now with these tips, you’ll be able to save a struggle and some money as well!! (damn airport luggage fees! HAHA)
If YOU know any rules or tips that helped you tons that I didn’t cover, feel free to share in the comments below.. I love learning new things!! 🙂
Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂