Have you ever felt like you’ve left the mall super pumped cause you’ve just did some shopping, but get home, open your bags and become disappointed cause you feel like you’ve wasted time and money and/or feel like you didn’t get the most out of your shopping experience..  Well lucky you, you’ve come to the right spot! I myself use these tips EVERY time I shop, and let me tell you, after each shopping spree, I feel like my mission was accomplished or even exceeded!! Hiring a personal shopper is a great idea, but if you can’t afford that or you’d rather learn on your own, keep on reading!


  1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET! If your working with a limit here, a sure fire way not to spend past your limit is by having cash, instead of paying with a credit/debit card. When your paying with cash, you can clearly see what you have left, so you won’t go swiping  away without a real thought of how much you been spending.
  2. KNOW YOUR SIZE! It’s super crucial to know your own size because of the simple fact, when you’re wearing your correct size, it feels and looks great on YOU! Of course it depends on the manufacture and how they size their clothes, so it’s important to try your clothes on! SEE BELOW!
  3. GO WITH A GAME PLAN! I cannot tell you how much time and money someone will lose because they started shopping with NO idea of what they wanted out of their trip.
  • If you’re looking for new trends, do some research online on the latest and upcoming trends and wear.
  • Take a look at your closet, what do you feel your missing?? If you feel you do have trendy items but seem to never be able to create an outfit, maybe it’s that time to start shopping for your neutrals and classic pieces.


  • Black, brown, white, dark blues, khaki and etc are all the base to any of your outfits..


  •   Classics are super important to ANY wardrobe because they are the staples! Aim for classic pieces and you will never go wrong! why?? Simply because they never go outdated.. Buying trends are awesome, but usually for the moment, so with your closet being filled with at least 75 % classics, you’ll save money AND style in the long run.
  • Classics can include for WOMEN: A pencil skirt, a button up shirt, a suit, dark straight leg jeans, a good fitting cashmere sweater, LBD, leather pumps and etc.
  • Classics can include for MEN: A dark suit, flat front pants, dark jeans, dress shirts, sport shirts with small prints, black shoes and black belts and etc.

6. Now that you have a game plan, making sure your dressed comfortably for shopping is the best bet when you’ll be running around all day and switching from dressing room to dressing room. This isn’t the time to wear your fave 5 inch stellitos ladies!

  • Try a nice loose tank/shirt, jeggings, and a pair of comfy sandles.  If you want to look cuter, try a nice maxi, maybe a nice cardigan or light crop jacket, and comfy ballet slippers.

Dressing ultra comfortable when shopping is essential because wearing the wrong thing (no matter how fierce it is! ), if your feet starts blistering or your clothes feels like too much of a hassle to take off, you will become impatient and annoyed, thus taking away from a fulfilled shopping experience.

7. TRY ON THE CLOTHES!!!! If you don’t follow any of these tips, you MUST follow this one! Yeah I understand it can be a pain to go to those dressing rooms and have to change! I know those lines can be hectic and you have better things to do, but you will be soooooo THANKFUL to know beforehand if something doesn’t fit well, instead of finding out when you get to the comforts of your home and have to drag yourself back to the store, and then find out worse that you won’t be able to get your money back.

  •  When trying out bottoms, make sure you can button and fasten securely without pinching your waist
  • Perform a couple squats and leg lifts to be sure they’re comfortable and still look great on you!
  • With tops, be sure if you’re a lady, you wear the right size bra while trying on Be sure the top compliments your body type and is form-fitting.

Just remember, clothes can look awesome on a hanger, but look a total mess on you! Why take the risk… 🙂


Here are some BONUS tips to exceed your shopping spree!!

– Make sure you know and understand the stores return and exchange policy 

Best day to shop and find great sales are during the weekday in the morning, and especially on THURSDAY (evenings)!

If your caught deciding if an item is worth it, if you have to second guess it, DON’T get it! Or just try getting it another time, if it’s still there and you still like it, it may have been meant to be!

Going online before shopping is best because  you can compare prices, and know if you can’t find the exact item or something similar, you have back up!

 Making sure you shop on a day without any errands or plans later is great, causing you to be able to take your time and really explore the store and try on clothes!

Don’t go anywhere with large expectations, why? You may be disappointed when you don’t find EXACTLY what you want, and might end up over looking some pretty awesome clothes that were waiting just for YOU!! 

Have a tailor, when things don’t fit right and you can’t or don’t want to return, they can be a lifesaver!