Hey guys! See, I didn’t forget about you and the post I did promise! I’ve been so caught up with the holidays and school opening back up, my schedule has basically been a bit hectic…But I’m excited I can share some of my favorite trends for men in spring 2012! If you haven’t gotten a head start now, it’s a great time to get too it! 

Baggier suits have been spotted in fashion shows, and guys you may appreciate this trend much more, being that suits usually make some men look super stuffy and stiff.. try going up a size or two!!

I love, love that the colors hitting for spring are much more vibrant, bold and electric! Experimenting with colors aren’t just for the ladies, and if you feel your not ready for a full bright coverage, try adding splashes of it in your outfit for a nice twist!

Double breasted trench coats have also been spotted in the runway, and I simply think they’re funky and sophisticated all at once!

The whole turning the formal pieces into a whole casual look is super intriguing and a fun way to play up the whole business attire!

Okay so who said trench coats were going anywhere??? They’re simply CLASSIC!

In with the wide leg, out with the skinnies! Enough said! 🙂

Plaid is a fave of mind! On men stellar! if you have that plaid shirt you had no idea what to do with it, hold on to it, it remains a must have apparently!

Okay, If you all haven’t notice, im soooo into prints and the fact guys can indulge in this as well, it simply amazes me! Don’t be afraid of the funky prints, work your way up if you have too, their eye-catching and perfect for the bold man!

If color simply isn’t your thing, it’s cool, white and earthy tones are still hot, and if your ready, you can add a pop of color with a scarf, man bag,glasses or shoes…

Speaking of man bags, if you’ve gotten one for the holidays fellas, SEND THEM A THANK YOU NOTE! You’ll remain stylish with these cool styles being offered, making an outfit simply complete!

Last but not least!! THE SHOES! The ULTIMATE best part to my opinion is what a guy has on his feet! And the variety in stores are endless! Super bold,  super unique, is the ticket. It’s the perfect way to amp your outfit and step up your shoe game! I’m super proud of shoes being more emphasized this spring.. I have a feeling shoes will be a factor all year-long!

What do you think??

If you have a trend I haven’t included, your totally digging, please do share! 😉

NOTE. I do not claim any of these pictures as my own 🙂