Hey!? Got an outfit-of-the-day for you! This one is sorta special, really cause I woke up this morning with absolutely nooo idea of what I was going to wear, with little time too! Everyone should know slipping on an awesome maxi or romper for instance solves that little issue… BUT I didn’t want to take the lazy way out… meaning I thought just the romper would’ve been too boring. Oh shooot! what was I going to do??? (screamms!!) lol sike naw, but I did remember reading seventeen magazine, where there was an article on wearing a skirt over a dress… so I thought, eureka! I’m slapping that skirt together with the romper and it definitely WORKED! Shortly added some accessories, then well… you just gotta  see for yourself! 🙂

Sorry the light sort of sucks, but here's the romper before!!