Miss or Mr.fashionista… have you ever been out, and people in the outside world look at you like you’ve been blown from a runway from another planet??? Well it happens to me ALL the time! At first I never really realized it! Sure I know I dress just a tad “different” 😉 but aren’t we all meant to be.. whats that word.. hmm.. UNIQUE!! Being an out-of-the-box kind of gal, my experience residing in Miami has got me the, what is wrong with her? or why couldn’t she just have left that nice dress alone instead of adding shredded tights and unexpected duck boots??  Why?? cause that’s me!! This is how I express myself,…I wear it, it feels good, I feel good.. Simple as that. I enjoy my style, and I feel suppper comfy with MY style. 🙂 That’s how it should be for all! A true fashionista knows what works for them, yet can isn’t afraid to be daring. Also remaining open-minded to new looks (or old), and simply enjoys playing around and experimenting with their looks!


You want to know a secret behind any fashionista, or just someone who plainly OWNS whatever they wear, and why that specific outfit looks just so right with them (minus other factors like a great fit and etc), because they carry CONFIDENCE!! When you wear your clothes, these factors should be checked off your list before leaving the house…

  1. COMFORTABLE (at least somewhat lol)
  2. Flattering to your shape
  3. Pieces complimenting each other
  4. Lifts your spirits
  5. Carrying your self with value and self-respect

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, you should be able to have an attitude like, I look FABULOUS, I AM FABULOUS, and if I get compliments, great :), but I don’t need anyones “approval”!


Anywhere you go or live, you’ll always be judged, and this is endless, but who cares! Where would the world be without critics??? Gotta love em’. I know this is soooo cliché, but just be yourself, the best you CAN BE, hold your head high, and rock that outfit only like YOU can!