Hey you guys! So I totally saw my mother come in the other day in her polka dot dress and I literally scanned over her dress and was like, eureka! I’m going to throw that dress on, make it my own, and no one will ever guess! I just love it. Its crazy cause when I was a kid, I swore I would never share my mothers clothes (thought it was soo embarrassing!) but hey I was just a child, I knew no better! Haha…


I was most def digging the whole polka dots, so I said, hey, lets keep it going and broke out my polka dotted blazer! I didn't like it buttoned up, it aged me in all the wrong ways, so I kept it open, but added a thin belt to show off my curves and keep it FRESH!


As you can tell the weather was totally dull, it was raining alll day! To keep it nice and chic, I wore my knee boots to keep me warm and my feet dry,while adding that mod touch this outfit just cannot be without!

Hope you enjoyed!!