Sooo I told myself I wasn’t going to do any work, nor any photo shoot “stuff” during the week of my birthday! (Which is tomorrow by the way 7-11 whoo hoo) But I definitely decided to go ahead and take up some of that good stuff! I have a resort/swimwear shoot tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to with a faith of success!! Along with that I’ve been invited to join Fashion week next weekend in Miami… Yeahh best birthday gifts so FAR!! lol


Any who, I decided to do a random test shoot yesterday… There were a couple of spots in my area that intrigued me every time I would cruise by, So I said Hey! Why not test out my vision??? It was pleasant to have a shoot that was absolutely all yours.. well besides sharing the experience with your wonderful model of course!


Big shout out to Model Reene Roache! Very intelligent!  She worked with me on last minute basis and it worked out smoothly! And the finish work… not too shabby if I say soo my self! 😉



Photography By Leanza Altidor. All Rights Reserved


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Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned!