Heeyyyyyy!!! So I knew Leanzas Junk deserved a blog to keep the culture ALIVE! What better way to do so with my original beloved Duhfaceoffashion! Now my people can really get a feel of how I’ve gotten into fashion as part of a career and who LEANZA REALLY IS!! I plan on basically updating any new stuff that is going on with Leanzas Junk and hey, what is going on with me as well! I have so many cool blog posts on fashion tips, fashion photography and all that good stuff just for YOU! Are you excited cause I’m going bananas! Lol Wellll where to start… OOooo I should most def share a meet me video that is on my boutiques site ( http://www.leanzasjunk.com)!

P.S.My hair has totally changed, I’ll be sharing a video soon! 😉






I also have a really cool raffle contest going on for a free dress!!!! Shipping for free to any U.S. GROUND is also included… sooooo what are you waiting for?? Oh yeah the link!! lol Simply click on the link, do a suuuper quick sign up as my subscriber  (name, email, you know!) and your automatically entered! The Contest was suppose to end on the 23rd of September, 2013, but with the success of my entries so far, I knew it was best to extend the date juuusttt in case I missed someone!  I’m choosing 3 winners, Guys can enter too! I’ll have something besides a dress of cooourse! Even if you don’t “win”, you still win with 10% OFF on any size new purchase with leanzasjunk.com Stellar right? riiighttt lol Here’s the Link!!! ————>>>>>>>   http://eepurl.com/DKUQL  or http://www.leanzasjunk.com/free-giveaway/




So yeah share this info with your friends so they don’t miss out!! I’m very sure they’ll appreciate the opportunity! =]

Besides that folks, some really cool changes and improvements will be happening with the site!! I’ve got some cool fashion photography editorials coming soon (will share some of those behind the scenes for sure, on one of my next post!!!) A mens section!!! Yes I said it!! I had Unisex going before, but guys were to afraid to shop that section!! Could be cause they felt like they were buying womens clothes!!! lol So I have some cool plans for that and sooo much more I just don’t want to share with you yetttt!! It’s a surprise, soo stay tuned!!!!





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