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Pink Boots and a Payphone/Quitting Photography???

Hello hello hellooooo!!! How are you guys!!?

I have a couple awesome updates for you guys!!!!

Well first is first….. Photography…. Lately I seriously felt like I was losing my passion!! Can you believe it!??? But I had a hard look within myself and I realized it wasn’t fashion photography itself, it was just the business side to it! As an entrepreneur reflecting on my personal goals, I didn’t get the fulfillment I needed as a professional photographer. Yes I will always practice photography, but I believe entering fashion photography was my calling onto something BIGGER and besides I can most def use my photography skills and talent and add them to my store boutique!!!! ;D


I’m now researching and studying how to launch my own vintage online boutique!!! YES I said it!! I’m definitely not in a rush here! I want to be sure before I start selling, I understand who I’m selling to and what resources are available to me!!! =)


I know I have what it takes to evolve this future company and share the true art in clothing with my fellow fashionistas around the world!!  Whoo hoooo!!  I definitely will keep you guys updated on my progress!

In the meanwhile… omg I haven’t done this in foreveeerrrrrrr!!


Leanza’s Outfit of the dayyyyy!!!! Photography by Sandra Clerizer

Hope you enjoy! =D


leanza blog pix





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Lace on Fire!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Red light special!

Hey dear ladies and gents!!?? Wow I almost feel like its been forever since my last post! But no fear! I did not forget you lovely folks, have just been busy with  loads of work, school and photography (I most def will share some of my work with you all soon enough!).. Now back to fashion… I’ve got an OOTD for you all with (drum roll pleeeaseeee) A NEW LOOK! I’ve wanted this look for a couple years now, and I finally went all the way bold (officially lol), I’m totally in love with it! So check it out, likes and questions are welcomed here 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Prep goes funk ootd!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Your mothers favorite dress!

Hey you guys! So I totally saw my mother come in the other day in her polka dot dress and I literally scanned over her dress and was like, eureka! I’m going to throw that dress on, make it my own, and no one will ever guess! I just love it. Its crazy cause when I was a kid, I swore I would never share my mothers clothes (thought it was soo embarrassing!) but hey I was just a child, I knew no better! Haha…


I was most def digging the whole polka dots, so I said, hey, lets keep it going and broke out my polka dotted blazer! I didn't like it buttoned up, it aged me in all the wrong ways, so I kept it open, but added a thin belt to show off my curves and keep it FRESH!


As you can tell the weather was totally dull, it was raining alll day! To keep it nice and chic, I wore my knee boots to keep me warm and my feet dry,while adding that mod touch this outfit just cannot be without!

Hope you enjoyed!!

A vest and a pair of sparkly oxfords


Where’s my romper??


Hey!? Got an outfit-of-the-day for you! This one is sorta special, really cause I woke up this morning with absolutely nooo idea of what I was going to wear, with little time too! Everyone should know slipping on an awesome maxi or romper for instance solves that little issue… BUT I didn’t want to take the lazy way out… meaning I thought just the romper would’ve been too boring. Oh shooot! what was I going to do??? (screamms!!) lol sike naw, but I did remember reading seventeen magazine, where there was an article on wearing a skirt over a dress… so I thought, eureka! I’m slapping that skirt together with the romper and it definitely WORKED! Shortly added some accessories, then well… you just gotta  see for yourself! 🙂

Sorry the light sort of sucks, but here's the romper before!!





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