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Hunch Back Habit!! NO!

Today I was with an awesome friend of mine, Samantha, and we spoke upon many things! Always inspiring one another in many ways! It’s quite lovely! Today I was sharing tips that signify health, beauty and confidence through the body… Standing/sitting up straight and holding in your core, all involving a good flow of breathing! This is an important base for YOU! This not only relaxes the body and rewards you with confidence in your body language, but also actually helps relax the mind! Plus you AUTOMATICALLY improve your look, period!

I simply started off telling her it’s important to inhale deeply and as you exhale, hold your lower abdominal (belly)! Hold this as long you can and breath normally as you squeeze as tight as you physically can, without passing out (which takes alot!!). lol This really helps your inner ab muscles WORK! Resulting in a tighter stomach quick! If you constantly perform this type of practice, give it a month and you’ll notice a difference! I do this always! Trust, you can do this undercover where ever you’re at! School desk, office, walking, playing soccer, cooking or watching t.v and it goes onnn!!! Of course it’s important to eat in moderation and remain active in many ways as possible to prevent too much fat gain, but as humans that should be a common sense of living!

Model Shalisa! One of my previous models I’ve worked with! Not ownership of photo! =)

  • Now on that note.. (Kind of off topic but essential to share) We were speaking about how we should savor our foods that we eat! Take the time out in the nourishment process, and enjoy the taste of the food it offers our senses and dwell in it! This moment is just as intimate as a mother feeding her baby! Plus we suddenly become less tempted to over eat just to reach the enjoyment of eating. Remember please, food is made to provide our bodies energy! Once our stomachs are full, that extra food is just going to turn into FAT! Now is that necessary?? So save some for later and/or share!!! ❤ We must love our selves and savor our moments in our lives, PERIOD! =)

Plus it’s easier on our stomachs to chew thoroughly anyway!

Now back to posture! Standing/sitting up straight is essential for our backs! It really helps decrease less stress on our spines and uplift our moods! Really! Just try it! The best way to do this I suggest, is to simply roll your shoulders back till you feel your chest is slightly out, shoulders are rested and your chin raises a bit higher!

Now there! Don’t you FEEL much better!?? Well, maybe if you’re not so used to this, you may feel a bit awkward, but its okay~! Just relax as you practice to keep your shoulders rolled back! Not only you’ll breath deeper (which is better), but if you look in the mirror to your side, your stomach is flatter, back straight and posed, and the butt appears rounder (which is good!), you look healthy!!! IDK about you, but there’s nothing wrong with that in my book! 😉

If you ever catch yourself drawing back to the “hunch back habit” while you’re sitting, I always say you might as well just sit all the way back, so your back is forced straight and you’re still relaxed! If you can’t do that, just make sure you’re rolling your shoulders and you’ll be back in place, just don’t over do it! LOL Trust me, when you keep practicing, it’ll become second nature in no time! =D

Hope you enjoyed!

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Peace and love!

How to be a successful shopper!



Have you ever felt like you’ve left the mall super pumped cause you’ve just did some shopping, but get home, open your bags and become disappointed cause you feel like you’ve wasted time and money and/or feel like you didn’t get the most out of your shopping experience..  Well lucky you, you’ve come to the right spot! I myself use these tips EVERY time I shop, and let me tell you, after each shopping spree, I feel like my mission was accomplished or even exceeded!! Hiring a personal shopper is a great idea, but if you can’t afford that or you’d rather learn on your own, keep on reading!


  1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET! If your working with a limit here, a sure fire way not to spend past your limit is by having cash, instead of paying with a credit/debit card. When your paying with cash, you can clearly see what you have left, so you won’t go swiping  away without a real thought of how much you been spending.
  2. KNOW YOUR SIZE! It’s super crucial to know your own size because of the simple fact, when you’re wearing your correct size, it feels and looks great on YOU! Of course it depends on the manufacture and how they size their clothes, so it’s important to try your clothes on! SEE BELOW!
  3. GO WITH A GAME PLAN! I cannot tell you how much time and money someone will lose because they started shopping with NO idea of what they wanted out of their trip.
  • If you’re looking for new trends, do some research online on the latest and upcoming trends and wear.
  • Take a look at your closet, what do you feel your missing?? If you feel you do have trendy items but seem to never be able to create an outfit, maybe it’s that time to start shopping for your neutrals and classic pieces.


  • Black, brown, white, dark blues, khaki and etc are all the base to any of your outfits..


  •   Classics are super important to ANY wardrobe because they are the staples! Aim for classic pieces and you will never go wrong! why?? Simply because they never go outdated.. Buying trends are awesome, but usually for the moment, so with your closet being filled with at least 75 % classics, you’ll save money AND style in the long run.
  • Classics can include for WOMEN: A pencil skirt, a button up shirt, a suit, dark straight leg jeans, a good fitting cashmere sweater, LBD, leather pumps and etc.
  • Classics can include for MEN: A dark suit, flat front pants, dark jeans, dress shirts, sport shirts with small prints, black shoes and black belts and etc.

6. Now that you have a game plan, making sure your dressed comfortably for shopping is the best bet when you’ll be running around all day and switching from dressing room to dressing room. This isn’t the time to wear your fave 5 inch stellitos ladies!

  • Try a nice loose tank/shirt, jeggings, and a pair of comfy sandles.  If you want to look cuter, try a nice maxi, maybe a nice cardigan or light crop jacket, and comfy ballet slippers.

Dressing ultra comfortable when shopping is essential because wearing the wrong thing (no matter how fierce it is! ), if your feet starts blistering or your clothes feels like too much of a hassle to take off, you will become impatient and annoyed, thus taking away from a fulfilled shopping experience.

7. TRY ON THE CLOTHES!!!! If you don’t follow any of these tips, you MUST follow this one! Yeah I understand it can be a pain to go to those dressing rooms and have to change! I know those lines can be hectic and you have better things to do, but you will be soooooo THANKFUL to know beforehand if something doesn’t fit well, instead of finding out when you get to the comforts of your home and have to drag yourself back to the store, and then find out worse that you won’t be able to get your money back.

  •  When trying out bottoms, make sure you can button and fasten securely without pinching your waist
  • Perform a couple squats and leg lifts to be sure they’re comfortable and still look great on you!
  • With tops, be sure if you’re a lady, you wear the right size bra while trying on Be sure the top compliments your body type and is form-fitting.

Just remember, clothes can look awesome on a hanger, but look a total mess on you! Why take the risk… 🙂


Here are some BONUS tips to exceed your shopping spree!!

– Make sure you know and understand the stores return and exchange policy 

Best day to shop and find great sales are during the weekday in the morning, and especially on THURSDAY (evenings)!

If your caught deciding if an item is worth it, if you have to second guess it, DON’T get it! Or just try getting it another time, if it’s still there and you still like it, it may have been meant to be!

Going online before shopping is best because  you can compare prices, and know if you can’t find the exact item or something similar, you have back up!

 Making sure you shop on a day without any errands or plans later is great, causing you to be able to take your time and really explore the store and try on clothes!

Don’t go anywhere with large expectations, why? You may be disappointed when you don’t find EXACTLY what you want, and might end up over looking some pretty awesome clothes that were waiting just for YOU!! 

Have a tailor, when things don’t fit right and you can’t or don’t want to return, they can be a lifesaver!



How to pack light when your a fashionista!



Is this you???

Tis’ the season to travel! Packing can be oh so bittersweet.. Have you ever felt  packing light may be the goal set for your self, but then you ponder, how can I still be fashionable if that was the case?? Most feel like taking their whole closet is the goal (I wish lol), but that’s where we will always go wrong! It can be a struggle and a DRAG to have such heavy bag(s), then arrive home to know you didn’t wear half or more of the crap you brought along!  I’ll share some tips with you today that has helped me, and can now help you! As long as you follow these rules, you can go away for nearly a month and survive with one suitcase/duffle bag, STUNTING!… well hopefully!! 🙂


  1. ERASE from your mind that an outfit (or two) a day is the way to go!  
  • Most definitely NOT! Before you pack, have a plan, MIX AND MATCH your clothing! Have a maximum of 5-7 days worth of clothes, that you can re-arrange and have nicely coordinated with each other
Your probably thinking, how in the world is that going to work.. I’m leaving for more than two weeks! Well wash your clothes weekly (Most hotels have them,  and if anything hand wash them in the sink if you have too!) Okay well what if people see me wearing the same clothes?? How! when A) your mixing and matching anyway…. and you’ll be seeing new people almost daily! and B) You might end up doing some shopping anyway.  If you know for sure you’ll be shopping, then packing even less clothes is a wiser choice.. so there you go, you’ll still gain even more versatility in the long run! (If  this shopping isn’t a guarantee though, just be sure you leave some extra space , so you’ll have just enough room in your bag for the new stuff!
  •  A helpful tip is having more tops than bottoms, like that one skirt that can work with at least three tops out of 7 you decide to bring along and so on.. (For more details, I’ll definitely have a post up on the art of mixing and matching soon!)
  • Choose your best combination of clothes you feel the most confident in. This isn’t the time to bring that leotard you haven’t had the chance to ever wear (and end up finding out it’s an epic fail, what a waste of space!)
  • Avoid jeans… if you can! Their just too bulky when aiming to pack light! If you MUST (for weather purposes), opt for just one or maybe two! Other wise aim for lightweight fabrics!
  • Stick to leaving your valuable jewelry home, we wouldn’t want to risk losing them, or worse… theft! Bring your best fashion jewelry, not the whole box stash, 🙂 but a max of 1 or 2, of one of each, like a necklace…bracelet.. or a scarf for example… the trick is they must be able to coordinate with all your outfits you decide to choose!
      2. Mix and match your shoes as well!!
  • Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes you decide you want to take along, and a max of three pairs of your most versatile, stylish shoes. And just one comfy pair of shoes, that carries the most versatile look, (especially if you’ll be walking a lot, or just something for lounging, like flip flops)
     3. PLAN AHEAD!
  • Most people don’t like to pack (who does??) but you’ll save so much more time and headaches if you get too it as early as possible, because when we pack last-minute we tend to just throw anything in there or be left distorted on deciding what stays or goes.. at least in the calmness of the moment and with a plan, you’ll be able to point what really is necessary!
     4. When you pack, don’t think of what you MIGHT need, but      instead what you can do without!
  • If  where your going for example, tends to act bi-polar, its cold one day, and blazing hot the next (Florida.. lol), no need to bring that heavy pea coat! That’s why a nice size variety of tops you can layer would be the best bet.. if anything you can put some on or take some off for best fit! And if you do need to run and get a big emergency coat, better you come back home with it, then to have to lug it around the whole time not needing it.

  • (BONUS TIP!!)The less toiletries the better, why? It pushes for more space and all you really need are the travel sizes anyway, especially traveling on planes, and those are easily found anywhere! Stick to packing your special face washes, medicines and any real exclusive products that you need… It’d be best if you can just pour enough in those empty travel size containers!
  • If its like a carry on size, it’s impossible to pack way too much clothes and such. Plus, you’ll be able to roam more freely and comfortably (especially if you aren’t traveling to just one destination at a time).
      6. Stop thinking your going to be invited to a ball and start trying to stuff this big pouffy dress or bulky tux in your bag! 
  • If you’re not sure of any big events that you may get invited to when you’re at your destination, just make sure in your mix and matching combo, you have a dress shirt and some slacks for example, that can both be easily dressed up , and dressed down!
Bonus tips!!!
  • I personally love bringing tons of undergarments, even when I know they can be washed… My rule is for every week, bring two weeks worth! I just fold them up as tiny as possible, and stuff ’em to the side or between my folded up clothes… But how many you bring is totally up to your personal reference, but I RECOMMEND at least 1 week worth without jeopardizing room in your bag.
  • Don’t bother bring exercise clothes.When we’re off all day touring and/or partying.. the last thing we think about.. or at all, is working out… And with all that excessive walking and exploring, your already giving yourself a great workout AND saving SPACE in your bag!!
  • BE SURE to carefully fold your clothes, then neatly roll them up to save them from wrinkles, and also expanding even more room in your bag/luggage.
I hope these rules and tips help you out as much as they did for me! Traveling can be a bit stressful as it is, and when honey, when you have stlye, we tend to OVER do it!! lol Now with these tips, you’ll be able to save a struggle and some money as well!! (damn airport luggage fees! HAHA)
If YOU know any rules or tips that helped you tons that I didn’t cover, feel free to share in the comments below.. I love learning new things!! 🙂
Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂



How to wear clothes to compliment YOUR shape!

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

Clothes!! omg we all love em’ but how you choose to wear them can really break or make your whole appearance! BUT Have no fear! These tips will definitely help show off your curves like you should or de-emphasize the least favorite, to achieve that balanced look!

In society today the hourglass shape is the IDEAL shape for any woman, and I can rest to sure this is agreed by many! Now this doesn’t mean it’s time for surgery, this means let’s work with what we got and make the best of it…Now lets start with these simple but proven tips:

Do you have an hourglass figure?? 

YES… ( You can pretty much wear whatever you want, just avoid…)

  • Avoid too loose clothing, they make you appear wider and bigger
  • Avoid heavy and bulky fabrics, DO soft and clingy fabrics
  • Avoid too short and too tight shorts and skirts or they’ll push your legs together( -_-)
NO… (Let’s emphasize)
  1. Apple shape? Does it appear your top is much larger than your bottom?  YES.. 
  • DO wear detailed jeans and pants with detailed back pockets/trousers ( look for pocket flaps, sewing details, buttons, gems and etc…)
  • DO wear horizontal stripes on your bottom half (hips will appear wider).. AVOID horizontal stripes and too many details on your upper half… If you must wear stripes on top, stick to verticle stripes (It will help you appear longer and leaner)
  • DO wear wider leg,flare and boot cut jeans to create long lean legs and a balanced look up top
  • DO wear bold colors on the bottom to distract from the top.. 
  • DO avoid too many prints, ruffles, puffy shoulders and frills, especially at the bust area ..
p.s black never fails in the slimming effect department, so a black or darker color top can definitely soften your heavier top..
Pear shape?? Does it appear you have a larger bottom than your top?? This may mean you have rather larger hips and/or butt and thighs..  I’m all for embracing curves, curves are beautiful!! Now with a pear shape, I can definitely offer some tips that will help balance your upper body to achieve the hour glass..
  • DO wear ruffles, bold prints and frills on the top (this will help your bust area appear larger as well, showing off balance!)
  • DO wear  bolder, larger accessories like necklaces and scarves for a little bit more weight on top ( it creates the perfect distraction)
  • DO wear looser tops and bulkier tops
  • DO wear shoulder pads and  and wider necklines 
  • AVOID too bold prints and colors on the bottom
  • AVOID bulky and heavy fabrics on the bottom, and too much details, especially around the butt and hips isn’t necessary in your case.. unless you want them to pop out more!
RECTANGLE SHAPE?? IT’S COOL.. Not much curves, too down right at all?? WE GOT THIS.. The boyish look has been applauded lately so the ‘boyfriend’  style jeans, jumpers and cardigans can be epic for you, so are sack dresses and billowing blouses being a number for you.. But many want to create the curves they don’t have…
  1. Creating volume on top and bottoms, will create the illusion of that teeny waist effect, thus achieving the hourglass figure to your advantage!
  • Small chest? opt for higher neck lines, polo, slashes or halter tops (low neck lines can be balanced with a vest top for instance..)
  • Flares  from the waist can create an illusion of instant volume and curvaceous hips
  • Focusing on low-rise jeans and dropped waists are your best bets..
  • AVOID loose clothing and too tight clothes
  • vertical patterns and lines as they will just make you appear lanky
  • cropped jackets that end at your waist
  • high waisted bottoms, skirts or trousers
  • straight cut jeans and trousers as they will only emphasize your shape
  • Belts at your waist and wraps also are your best friends creating the cinched look! P.s so are shoulder pads!
General tips like…
SMALLER WAIST..No matter if our waist is bigger or slimmed, it seems you can never have  too small of a waist! Its pleasing, attractive and a sign of health.. Read on how to emphasize an itty bitty waist 🙂
  • All tops and shorter jackets should end at your waist or you will be in danger of covering up your tiny waist. 
If you don’t, it’s all good just…
  • Do wear wrap tops and belts that fit not too tight but snugly and grips nicely at the waist (Bonus tip: avoid too tight tops but rather aim for looser tops with the belt at waist)
  • Lets be honest with ourselves.. if your stomach over laps or is rather large.. stick to wider belts…
  • Highwaisted pants/jeans are your bestfriends, AVOID low-rise jeans and be sure you the waist bands are nice and snug (NO MUFFIN TOPS ALLOWED 😉)
  • A-line and tulip skirts are flattering on most and creates a smaller waist automatically!
  1. YOU CAN ELONGATE YOUR TORSO (cut off your arms and legs..whats left besides you head..that’s a torso) WITH LONGER TOPS AND JACKETS, BUT AVOID ANYTHING LANDING ON THE WIDEST PART OF YOUR WAIST..unless larger hips is the goal..
BONUS TIP: Color blocking helps distract..

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

Finding yourself in fashion!

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂


Fashion is a movement, style is a statement. Do  you feel your not expressing the statement you want to make through your outfits? Are you not sure of your own style? Have you found yourself going through an abundance of styles without really feeling like its you?? Okay well the good news is fashion is constantly evolving.. but the bad news.. you need to be able to know and feel great about your signature look. We all need to be able to have a style that is pleasing, comfy, unique and most importantly screams this is me and I’m fabulous! I’ve personally gone through the fashion journey in finding myself through my clothes and how I choose to present myself, and now I can for sure share some awesome tips that will help you get there as well!

  1. Finding out who you are!
  • Since fashion is an expression, It’s up to you to understand what you like, what makes you happy, what your into, your goals, your attitude.. Basically what makes you, YOU!

2. Your lifestyle

  • Examining your daily activities, where you spend most of your time can determine things like if heels can become your everyday wear (if you can walk in them), If a sporty theme would suit you best, if your constantly traveling through jungles and deserts (hey, a fashionista can be fierce anywhere!) but you get my drift.. Although, don’t mistake this for not having a wardrobe that is well evolved for any occasion.

3.  Your Body type

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, not everyone is meant to be built the same, and we may be a bit heavier than others not be able to wear that same crop top like smaller body types, and maybe threre’s not enough meat to fill in that pencil skirt like you would like.. but guess what we all have to appreciate what we have and either decide to make healthy improvements or just Work with what you got!

P.S. DO NOT be afraid of prints! Not only are they fun and trendy, but can definitly help hide your not so best assets or boost your best! How?? well lets just save that for another post… ^_-

  • Wear pieces that complement your best asset that you’re most proud of! If you have lovely legs, your signature pieces could be shorts, skirts, and jeggings. If you love your back, or have slick  abs, you can wear tops that have cuts and opens that can subtly compliment these assets.. The most important thing here is understanding balance and whats too much, as in wearing something that shows off skin like a crop top and pairing it with bottoms that cover at least most of your legs..Be careful with what expression you’re giving out if you choose to show off, the goal is sexy, not “slutty”..
  • If you’re not into showing off skin for whatever the reason is.. but you still admire that crop top, you can wear a comfy cami underneath.. if that’s too safe for you.. you can try getting that cami in a bold color and/or print that may fit the theme of your outfit… Another bet if you like shorts but aren’t to comfortable with your legs or because of religious reasons, no problem, pair those awesome shorts with leggings or tights, it’ll add contrast and spunk!

  • For the guys wearing super baggy clothes, this isn’t the way to go, oh no nooo! Find clothes that fit! Find pants or jeans that are long enough to rest nicely on your shoes without having to see your butt!
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP IS PLEASE Do not worry about what the size tag says, your priority here is to find clothes that fit YOU and flatters YOU! Its makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE when your really a large and you’re wearing a small because you’re in denial. It’s going to look messy, out-of-place, too tight and basically seem like you’re wearing your younger siblings clothes that got passed to you and you didn’t notice 😦 So to avoid this, your mentality should be, I need to choose clothes that look good on ME… No one needs to know your size (cut off the tags if you have too, I won’t tell!) Whenever you try on clothes in dressings rooms, trying going a size up and compare what you usually get and be honest with the look that looks best on you!
….Catch my drift??


4. Who inspires you??

  • We’re all here for the same reason, seeking originality, but it’s perfectly fine  to observe a fashion idol or icon who really does inspire you. Just remember their an inspiration, not your clone, so go ahead and admire an outfit you found oh so nice, but concentrate more on how you can make it your own. Flip through magazines, do some research on trends, ask questions like what could I have done here that she/he didn’t achieve? or what color of that version blazer could look awesome on my skin tone or/and fit my theme.
  • Use your inspirations as guides! Does their outfits fit their personalities? Now this won’t work as easy if you don’t know too much about them personally, but celebrities for example, it would be best to observe their style when they’re not off doing a show and whatnot, but rather when their caught just going out into town on their own time. Now how can you relate with how they like to put their ensemble together?  Now that your done with your research…..
  • STEP OUT!!!  Hit the malls, thrift stores, boutiques, online or step in your own (or others..with permission ;] ) closet and check out what works with you, what you can transform, what speaks to you and what satisfies the theme story of your outfit without losing your balance and yourself!!


  • At the end of the day, as long as you’ve kept your self respect, be bold, step out the box, dare to be different!! Add a little or BIG twist to any of your outfits.. especially when your trying something new, or a even whole new wardrobe, it can be a bit intimidating for plenty of reasons, but don’t let that stop you, JUST DO IT! How can you truly live without taking that first step?? Where would our fashionistas be if they were constantly afraid of what people would think? What would fashion be if we weren’t able to learn from stepping out of  our comfort zones? Exactly!

At the end of the day the best outfit you can wear with that spectacular fashion statement is confindence.. the goal is becoming a trendsetter, show the world something classic, new and YOU!



Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

Rock your outfit… without Rocking your wallet

Let’s face it.. there are plenty budding fashionistas out there that would love to have glitz and glam…or at least look the part! Unfortunately they don’t have the hundreds and hundreds of dollars to shop at the biggest malls, the fliest boutiques, or even a personal stylist to hook them up. Well, well, well… you’ve come to the RIGHT place, cause this fashionista KNOWS  money really doesn’t buy you style anyway.. so there’s always a way around that with the endless options the fashion world creates for us! What are they?? Well first you need to know the basic rules:

  1. You MUST have an eye for those sales and clearance rack
  2. You must be open to thrift and vintage stores
  3. You must be open to your mothers or even great grandmamma sue’s closet
  4. You must be open to YOUR own closet… even the back far corner you dump all the old crap you got saving for the yard sale 🙂

Okayy so you’ve noticed i said nothing about Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren or even ZARA (Although they are hot lol), The whole point is to show you how easy it really is to fool the naked eye like your really balling! lol These resources like the thrift store or your own closet is the best because you can almost guarantee no one else will have it on. The whole focus for picking out your pieces for that “expensive look” is not really the brands at this point… but the quality of the material! Does the material feel nice? Does the color appear radiant or dull? Pay attention to how it’s sewn… does it look like it’s already falling apart?? Are those buttons and bedazzles seem like they were glued on in 2 seconds with traces of glue?? NEXT, PLEASE! It’s all really QUALITY  over QUANTITY in this quest for your eye pleasing outfit. You’d be really surprise on the EXCLUSIVE finds you’ll get at thrift stores and whatnot… Especially with dirt cheap prices with the hottest brands, and plenty of those clothes are new or barely touched! Idk about you, but sometimes you just gotta suck up your pride and realize it’s all for the love of fashion.. The secret is just having a really good eye (but that’ll be in another post ;)) If you strictly decide to step into your moms closet or take a really sharp look at your own, you’d be surprise what you’ll find (if you don’t want to spend AT ALL)…. Vintage is always original and on point, so don’t be afraid to pick up that blazer that hasn’t been worn since the 80’s! Here’s a couple of pointers to know that your on your way to a swagged out “BALLING” outfit!

  • As long as the clothes are flattering on your body… your on your way..
  • If you have at least one “valuable” piece…( it could be a necklace, the gorgeous purse that took you years to save for) your on your way..
  • You have a statement piece (the backbone of your outfit).. your on your way..
  • Your clothes are clean and freshly ironed 🙂 your on your way…

Surprise, surprise… I wanted this post to be a 2 for 1 SPECIAL! I’ve got some cool OUTFIT OF THE DAY PICS, personally using the exact pointers I gave out in this post, for my own example of a “Balling outfit without really being a Baller”…and let me tell you, this outfit includes pieces from thrift stores, clearance items and a mommy that let me raid her closet! haha  CHECK EM OUT

Rock your outfit, without rocking your wallet!

LESSON OF THE DAY!? WHO CARES WHAT THE PRICE TAG SAYS OR WHERE THAT FAB SKIRT CAME FROM… at the end of the day, money can’t buy you style.. 😉

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

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