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Hunch Back Habit!! NO!

Today I was with an awesome friend of mine, Samantha, and we spoke upon many things! Always inspiring one another in many ways! It’s quite lovely! Today I was sharing tips that signify health, beauty and confidence through the body… Standing/sitting up straight and holding in your core, all involving a good flow of breathing! This is an important base for YOU! This not only relaxes the body and rewards you with confidence in your body language, but also actually helps relax the mind! Plus you AUTOMATICALLY improve your look, period!

I simply started off telling her it’s important to inhale deeply and as you exhale, hold your lower abdominal (belly)! Hold this as long you can and breath normally as you squeeze as tight as you physically can, without passing out (which takes alot!!). lol This really helps your inner ab muscles WORK! Resulting in a tighter stomach quick! If you constantly perform this type of practice, give it a month and you’ll notice a difference! I do this always! Trust, you can do this undercover where ever you’re at! School desk, office, walking, playing soccer, cooking or watching t.v and it goes onnn!!! Of course it’s important to eat in moderation and remain active in many ways as possible to prevent too much fat gain, but as humans that should be a common sense of living!

Model Shalisa! One of my previous models I’ve worked with! Not ownership of photo! =)

  • Now on that note.. (Kind of off topic but essential to share) We were speaking about how we should savor our foods that we eat! Take the time out in the nourishment process, and enjoy the taste of the food it offers our senses and dwell in it! This moment is just as intimate as a mother feeding her baby! Plus we suddenly become less tempted to over eat just to reach the enjoyment of eating. Remember please, food is made to provide our bodies energy! Once our stomachs are full, that extra food is just going to turn into FAT! Now is that necessary?? So save some for later and/or share!!! ❤ We must love our selves and savor our moments in our lives, PERIOD! =)

Plus it’s easier on our stomachs to chew thoroughly anyway!

Now back to posture! Standing/sitting up straight is essential for our backs! It really helps decrease less stress on our spines and uplift our moods! Really! Just try it! The best way to do this I suggest, is to simply roll your shoulders back till you feel your chest is slightly out, shoulders are rested and your chin raises a bit higher!

Now there! Don’t you FEEL much better!?? Well, maybe if you’re not so used to this, you may feel a bit awkward, but its okay~! Just relax as you practice to keep your shoulders rolled back! Not only you’ll breath deeper (which is better), but if you look in the mirror to your side, your stomach is flatter, back straight and posed, and the butt appears rounder (which is good!), you look healthy!!! IDK about you, but there’s nothing wrong with that in my book! 😉

If you ever catch yourself drawing back to the “hunch back habit” while you’re sitting, I always say you might as well just sit all the way back, so your back is forced straight and you’re still relaxed! If you can’t do that, just make sure you’re rolling your shoulders and you’ll be back in place, just don’t over do it! LOL Trust me, when you keep practicing, it’ll become second nature in no time! =D

Hope you enjoyed!

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A Models BACK UP!

Soooo!! I was in the middle of writing a list of what I felt by experience were great to have as back up for a day of shooting, for models AND even for photographers! I really believe as much as you would like to put hope into your team, you just never know! Whether they bail, or have a genuine emergency, being prepared with back up cuts a ton on your shoulders! Plus it leaves a professional impression! Portraits By Leanza cares for her models (what I call my freelancing photography biz) =)

Sooo what is the list?? Well this general and vital list can range from team to team, but these are common sense and essential basics! LIKE:

  • Back up make up! You don’t have to have the whole kit compared to a pro mua (Make up artist), but something is better than nothing! and on that note it’s an awesome investment for a model who WILL find herself stuck without an mua, but does that mean the show has stopped?! Hell NOO!
  • Make Up Remover– It is so stubborn to fix make up and not have this handy towelette available! Especially after a shoot when you want to just take it offfff! lol
  • Q-tips- Nooo we’re not shooting inside your ears, but it’s an awesome cheap tool to applying eye shadows, lip color and/or even removing something precise! =)
  • Tissues
  • Face/body Lotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand ashiness….nooooo I do not want to try to “photoshop” it, No! It should not be there in the first place people!
  • Pluckers- for stray hairs
  • Nail File
  • Pony holders/ Hair pins- Lots of em!!!!!
  • Safety pins- Lots!!
  • Hair spray /sheen
  • Hair combs/Brushes
  • Large towel- I’ve had experiences where a towel would be needed after posing on the ground or even as fast dressing rooms! LOL I do have a portable changing room now, but when the model is down to make the process much quicker, those large towels are PERFECT!

So far those are the MAIN basics I believe save the day and are generally always NEEDED! It usually is pretty obvious a model must be shaven (NO HAIR is allowed on legs, underarms, etc!) No waaaaay! and HELL NO I’m not going to sit on photoshop desperately trying to take strands off, when it’s common sense it should not be there! Not cute! lol Also important to have various undergarments in nude, black, and white. Preferably underwear that doesn’t show pantie lines, and bras that are also strapless and/or have those 5 in 1 straps for flexibility with clothing!

BUT the MOST important essential is bring your SMILE!!! A great attitude and POSITIVE personality ALWAYS calms the nerves, makes things go smooooth and sooo much more FUN!!!! Things happen, but in this industry and/or whatever your into, you MUST be able to adapt, think on your toes, and make the BEST out of each and every situation!!!

Now… what do you think I left out in the list and/or have you had an experience you would like to share??? I’m all for it!! Leave a comment and contact me personally on facebook!

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iFashion Portraits

Hey Folks!!! Wow has it truly been awhile!!? I’ve been away discovering one of my true talents and establishing my style! In what you may ask??? If it isn’t obvious yet, FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY!


Oh yes! I’ve decided to jump start my career as a freelancing photographer specializing in Fashion (of course) Swimwear, Beauty, Runway and Entertainers!

For more fyi, Yes I am currently building my portfolio, and working hard day and night to find ways each day to grow not only as a person and photographer, but as a business savvy individual as well!!


With this shoot, I’ve been able to work with Fashion Designer, Pluto Vs. Mars! What a blessing, First official project with a designer, and only the BEGINNING!! 😉  I’ll be cleaning up this blog so I can concentrate on producing Behind the scene updates, top portraits, cool people I’ve gotten to work with, quick updates on what I’m wearing and etc! It’ll be fun! and I promise I won’t abandon you beautiful people ever again! lol


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