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Pink Boots and a Payphone/Quitting Photography???

Hello hello hellooooo!!! How are you guys!!?

I have a couple awesome updates for you guys!!!!

Well first is first….. Photography…. Lately I seriously felt like I was losing my passion!! Can you believe it!??? But I had a hard look within myself and I realized it wasn’t fashion photography itself, it was just the business side to it! As an entrepreneur reflecting on my personal goals, I didn’t get the fulfillment I needed as a professional photographer. Yes I will always practice photography, but I believe entering fashion photography was my calling onto something BIGGER and besides I can most def use my photography skills and talent and add them to my store boutique!!!! ;D


I’m now researching and studying how to launch my own vintage online boutique!!! YES I said it!! I’m definitely not in a rush here! I want to be sure before I start selling, I understand who I’m selling to and what resources are available to me!!! =)


I know I have what it takes to evolve this future company and share the true art in clothing with my fellow fashionistas around the world!!  Whoo hoooo!!  I definitely will keep you guys updated on my progress!

In the meanwhile… omg I haven’t done this in foreveeerrrrrrr!!


Leanza’s Outfit of the dayyyyy!!!! Photography by Sandra Clerizer

Hope you enjoy! =D


leanza blog pix





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Say Cheese =] (CLICK!)

Okay so I just got the HOTTEST deal on this CS camera.. EXACTLY what I needed? Oh hell yeah =] Did I mention I’m totally into photography?? lol YES.. Okay so whats the bigger picture behind my excitement (besides saving extra chedder lol) I’ve planned to seriously deliver you ladies and gents QUALITY pictures and HD video posts on how-to’s and fashion hauls for instance.. Yay, I’ll be be able to talk straight to my people coming to a future near you!

Alright so im suppose to be picking the cam up tomorrow at work and if you didn’t notice by now, I’m pretty much looking forward to this… 🙂

Here’s the baby..

Ooooh and here’s a bonus, I wouldn’t choose photography before FASHION.. oh NO lol Thats just me.. but photography is sure something I do have interest in, and I wanted to share some inspiring fashion photography I found online..

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

Note. I DO NOT claim any of these pictures as my own.. 🙂

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